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Rita Murauskiene

Certified by EMA   madero-logo

Madero Expert Therapist & Master Instructor


Own clinic Aveda massageklinik and The International Center for Event and Course. From 2018 still now I am teaching Bamboo massage, chair massage and Facial massage in the Tengbjerg Massørskole in Denmark. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 I won gold medals in Wellness massage and Freestyle category and a gold medal in the final Danish championship. In 2021 I won a silver medal in Chair massage category in The World Championship of massage in Denmark. From 2019 IMA approved judge and from 2021 I am IMA teacher.




International Center For Event & Course
Søndergade 4, Sakskøbing,

+45 52 65 16 68





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