European Madero Association

Our Goals

The European Madero Association – EMA – was created with the aim of unification and standardization of the maderotherapy techniques on a global level.

The main tasks of the Association are:

  • Establishment of all rules and procedures in the implementation of maderotherapy;
  • Improvement and further development of maderotherapy techniques through the introduction of regulations and innovations;
  • Maintainance of standardized education in maderotherapy;
  • Proper education and certification of individuals, salons, wellness and educational centers;
  • Support of the educated and certified madero therapists in further work, by providing advisory and professional assistance.

Board of

The founders of the European Madero Association are professionals with a wealth of experience in the application of maderotherapy. They are pioneers in the formation of special techniques for applying madero elements to the whole body – head to toe.

Through a complete commitment to maderotherapy, they elevate the technique and education system to the highest standards, while respecting the professional requirements of physiotherapists, dermatologists, beauticians, and doctors.


European Madero Association


The system of standardization implemented by EMA is based on extensive experience in fields of education and the application of madero therapy techniques, alongside the respect for the highest requirements imposed on physiotherapists, dermatologists, beauticians and doctors. EMA is proud to use the established procedures and rules to educate the best madero therapists, who are recognized around the world through their work.

EMA provides future madero therapists with the opportunity to master the technique of madero therapy, alongside training and personal development through various levels of education, up to the title of Madero Instructor.
Through the education and advisory of EMA, each student will improve their knowledge and self-confidence in the application of madero therapy, in the selection of the highest quality madero elements, but also in the clients’ relations and gaining their trust.

The EMA prescribes standardized levels of education through which each madero therapist can hone their skills and gain professional status, up to the level of an instructor, who can then train and support future Madero Therapists.


European Madero Association

EMA certificates

The European Madero Association licenses Madero Therapists, Instructors and Academies and issues certificates based on clearly defined rules and standards.

The certificate is a guarantee of quality, labor and knowledge.

madero therapist

Each student who successfully completes the training according to the regulations and standards of the EMA becomes a licensed Madero Therapist and a member of the EMA.

madero instructor

Any Madero Therapist that wants to progress and build a career through the EMA system can be certified as a Madero Instructor, thus gaining the opportunity to train future Madero Therapists.


The highest level that an instructor can achieve is the opportunity to open a Madero Academy in their country, which will represent the European Madero Association and train future Madero Therapists and Instructors in every Madero Therapy technique.


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