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The Madero Academy is part of the European Madero Association, which provides vocational, professional and standardized training.

Each student that successfully completes the training in accord with the regulations and standards of the EMA becomes a Licensed Madero Therapist. Through that license, EMA provides numerous benefits to every Madero Therapist, which are important for personal, professional, business and career development.

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Become a licensed Madero Therapist of the European Madero Association, or an Madero Instructor of the European Madero Association. You will be educated by the top experts of the Madero Academy.


Madero Academy

Antiage therapy without a scalpel

Body Shape

Madero Academy

Learn how to shape the body with madero elements and to rid it of cellulite in a natural way.


Madero Academy

Deep tissue back massage


Madero Academy

A unique concept of foot massage


Madero Academy

Deep lipolysis through natural means with Madero vacuum elements

European Madero Association

EMA certificates

madero therapist

Each student who successfully completes the training according to the regulations and standards of the EMA becomes a licensed Madero Therapist and a member of the EMA.

madero instructor

Any Madero Therapist that wants to progress and build a career through the EMA system can be certified as a Madero Instructor, thus gaining the opportunity to train future Madero Therapist.

The highest level that an instructor can achieve is the opportunity to open a Madero Academy in their country, which will represent the European Madero Association and train future Madero Therapist and instructors in every Madero Therapy technique.


The Instructors of the European Madero Association are renowned and certified experts in the field of Madero Therapy who have extensive knowledge, vast experience and an international reputation.


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Online Madero Courses
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Original EMA
Maderotherapy technique

Proper use of
madero elements

Theoretical & Practical
part of every technique

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