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Maderotherapy of the feet stimulates the nerve endings and has a profound effect on the revitalization of the whole organism. It relieves the whole body from the stress and toxins by breaking down the accumulated acids.

A specific technique that gives an incredible feeling of lightness in the feet, legs and the rest of the body.


This massage technique involves a series of movements that are repeated using 7 different wooden madero elements. Applying these elements to the muscles and nerve endings stimulates the entire body and organism, which:

  • Cleanses the body of toxins
  • Improves the immune system
  • Stimulates circulation and lymphatic system
  • Relieves oedema
  • Improves mood

European Madero Association

Course Description

A unique concept of foot massage

The latest technique of Maderotherapy, which was completely devised by the founders of EMA, we are learning how to properly encourage the whole organism to deep revitalization using Madero elements anatomically adapted to the foot. By activating the reflex points on the foot, we encourage the organism to regenerate and bring the state of mind and body into balance.

A specific technique that gives an incredible feeling of lightness in the feet, legs, and even the whole body.

Also, we teach you something very important from Maderotherapy, and that is how to do a massage with quality, and with the least expenditure of your energy and your hands.

Theory & Practice

The training goes into detail with each madero element, both in theory and practice. You will learn to apply it to the whole foot, individually by region.

Themes of the Course

  • On Maderotherapy (history, benefits and its application)
  • Anatomy of the foot
  • Indications and contraindications
  • All about Madero elements (origin, application and their maintenance)
  • Maintaining hygiene of the room and Madero elements
  • Proper execution of movements and use of elements
  • Achieving the best results
  • Maderotherapy in combination with other treatments

Course Benefits

If you learn how to use the Madero elements correctly and make the most of their shape, you will reach the best results for the client.

By using Madero elements during the massage, the therapist releases maximum pressure from the wrists and fingers, while exerting pressure three times as deep on the tissue.

In order to teach future students, Madero Instructors had to go through a learning period with clients, where they have gained experience and knowledge. After that, the Instructor took the exam, where he/she demonstrates the ability to share their knowledge according to European Madero Association standards. Rest assured that you will leave the training with complete knowledge on how to apply of Maderotherapy in the area of your choice.

Who is this training intended for and what is its duration?

Anyone who wants to learn a new technique of deep foot massage can apply for the Madero Feet training.

Anyone who wants to include Maderotherapy in their offer will enrich it with a technique that gives exceptional results, which is attractive to the client, and through which the client will leave your salon satisfied.

No previous experience is required, so anyone in need of changes to their current profession, or start a completely new business in the world of cosmetics, can apply for the training. They will receive extended training from Madero Instructors, in order to gain all the necessary practical and theoretical knowledge.

What sets the Instructors of the Madero Academy apart from the rest is our commitment to each student during the training, and after the training, until the student is completely ready to start working independently with clients.

The training lasts for two days, during which you will work with the instructor and the model, and afterwards the Instructor monitors the student, in case anything is unclear or if there are additional questions, until the applicant takes the exam for certified Madero Therapist.

What will you get?

A professional set of seven Madero elements, anatomically adapted to each part of the body, that you will learn to apply correctly and without side-effects. Only through their proper use will excellent results be achieved.

Madero elements are certified by the European Madero Association, since their shape, method of production and their finishing guarantee the efficiency, durability and safe application on the client’s skin.

Professional literature – a complete theoretical and practical part

Certificate of attendance – each participant receives a certificate which affirms the attendance at Madero Feet training

Certificate and exam

After completing the training, you will receive instructions for further steps on becoming the Madero Therapist. Your Instructor monitors and advises you throughout your practice, in order to ensure that after acquiring the title of Madero Therapist you will be ready to achieve the best results for your clients.

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