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Certified madero elements

EMA produces its own high-quality madero elements. They are made according to the original designs, which means they are structurally the most precisely formed and adapted.

The wooden elements that are used have complete paperwork – from the moment and place when the future wooden item is cut, through disinfection and sterilization procedures that are medically approved, on thermal treatment of wood, down to its arrival to the therapeutic table, to be used in the training of the future Madero Therapists. The wood from which the elements are produced has an FSC certificate, which proves that the wood used is from renewable and sustainable forests.


Madero elements are a very important component of the entire madero therapy technique. The quality of the workmanship of each element, the way the wood was processed, the size and weight, as well as the appearance itself, are extremely important both for the end result and for the work of the therapist, whose work is maximally streamlined with certified elements.

Each student of the Madero Academy received a professional set of madero elements that are anatomically adapted to the part of the body for which he is training.


European Madero Association


The standardization system implemented by EMA is based on many years of experience in the field of education, as well as the application of madero therapy techniques, all the while respecting the highest requirements of physiotherapists, dermatologists, beauticians and doctors. EMA is proud to use the established rules and procedures to train the best Madero Therapists, who will stand out through their work across the world.

To its future Madero Therapists, EMA offers the opportunity to master the techniques of madero therapy, the specialization and the personal development through various levels of education, all the way up to the title of Madero Instructor.


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