European Madero Association

International Massage Championship

Proudly presenting the European Madero Association (EMA) as the sponsor of the Bodyshape category at the International Massage Competition.

EMA, a leader in Maderotherapy, recognizes the importance of supporting professionals in the massage and wellness industry worldwide.

With its strong commitment to advancing techniques and standards in massage, EMA has chosen to support this prestigious competition to encourage excellence in the practice of massage. Through this partnership, EMA aims to share its rich knowledge and experience with participants, providing them with the opportunity to refine their skills and stand out in this dynamic field.

EMA sponsorship not only provides financial support for the realization of the competition but also offers expert guidance through workshops, lectures, and resources. Participants will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest trends in Maderotherapy and utilize certified Madero elements provided by EMA.

This sponsorship not only makes the competition spectacular but also contributes to strengthening the global community of massage professionals. Thanks to the support of the European Madero Association, the International Massage Competition becomes not only a challenge for participants but also a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and raising standards in the world of massage.



The Instructors of the European Madero Association are renowned and certified experts in the field of madero therapy, with extensive knowledge, vast experience and an international reputation.

International Massage Championship

28/29/30.06.2024. Copenhagen, Denmark


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